Peter J Miller
I bought the Surfboard Wave HD Metal last week and absolutely love it.
Great work Jeff. Trying to figure what to get next.
Melissa Cole
It was awesone to be able to meet you on the 4th at Sailfish Marina. You are a talented photographer. Thank you for being so cool and giving a newbie photographer some tips. What camera do you use for underwater shots? Or what housing do you recommend? I am nervous to put a housing I do not know under water with my camera. Thanks again! I love all your photos!
Mindy Hallquuist(non-registered)
Enjoy your photography so much. You have a great eye for everything Florida!
Jillian Heiser(non-registered)
Absolutely gorgeous pics! Wow! Love em'.
Lynda Bassett(non-registered)
Amazing photos!!! Have you ever thought of having them made into puzzles?? Outstanding!!!
Ricardo Estevan(non-registered)
Love your photos! Always a great inspiration :)
Ed Botsko
Awesome work Jeff... I've been a fan for over a year now and am glad I "found" you on Facebook....
Ashley Kindlesparger(non-registered)
you are awesome. photos look fantastic!
Russell Levine(non-registered)
wonderful images
your passion for your work is immediately felt thru this work.
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