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"Inlet Paradise", Jupiter Fl''Icon' Jupiter FloridaLiquid Garden 4.24Young female Manatee Ocala fL 2.27.24Christ of the Abyss Key Largo FlHippie Manatee:)"light ray" 5.2024Beautiful Baby Leatherback in the Hobesound wildlife refuge 8.22The color and the shape"Reflection , Hobe Sound Fl 6.22"Eagle Ray love" Singer Island Fl 10.21"Nirvana " Manatee 1.23"Trust" Jupiter fl 2020Baby Green sea turtle heaven.Cloudy Eyes"Hope" Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle at sunrise.turtle mirror''Hope wide"Baby green sea turtle ready to go home after a release  at Loggerhead marine life center. 8.19Spotted Moray in the Jupiter Inlet 8.2020