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"Inlet Paradise", Jupiter Fl''Icon' Jupiter FloridaChrist of the Abyss Key Largo FlHippie Manatee:)Beautiful Baby Leatherback in the Hobesound wildlife refuge 8.22The color and the shape"Reflection , Hobe Sound Fl 6.22"Eagle Ray love" Singer Island Fl 10.21"Nirvana " Manatee 1.23"Trust" Jupiter fl 2020Baby Green sea turtle heaven.Cloudy Eyes"Hope" Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle at sunrise.turtle mirror''Hope wide"Baby green sea turtle ready to go home after a release  at Loggerhead marine life center. 8.19Spotted Moray in the Jupiter Inlet 8.2020Fresh loggerhead sea turtle hatchlingBeautiful green sea turtle in the Jupiter inlet.Hawksbill sea turtle resting on the reef, Maldive islands